History of Money and Usury in America: A Usury Fighter’s Manual from a Biblical, Economic and Historical Perspective


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Daniel S. Krynicki’s chronicle of the rise and progress of usury and its impression on cash in America, is a sign contribution to the research of our nation’s monetary historical past, from founders similar to Thomas Jefferson to up to date points of presidency debt, fractional reserve banking and the Fed. Lots of in the present day’s arduous cash and banking reform activists appear to want any scheme, nevertheless convoluted or missing in Biblical assist, to that of whole usury prohibition. It’s time to set the report straight regarding our nation’s battle with the cash gluttons. Krynicki’s dedication to the Phrase of God, reality in historical past and the rebirth of our nation’s monetary system, is exemplary. His e-book is a voyage of discovery into what our Israelite-Christian civilization phrases the basis of all evil. It’s greater than a voyage, nevertheless. It’s a blueprint for profitable fight and a template for financial justice.

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