The Gamble Pays Off: Online Poker

The Gamble Pays Off: Online Poker

Various online casino gambling sites have sprouted in the past few years driven mainly by the popularity of poker. However, online poker did not pioneer casino gambling online, as sportsbooks were the first to arrive in the Internet during the mid-90’s. These days though, the popularity of poker is really dominating the online gamblers world.

One of the first online gambling casinos was from Microgaming, which arrived in 1994 and is now a popular gaming software developer.

Planet Poker was the initial mainstream casino introduced to gamblers in 1998. Even though where the first, they are no longer the best… with many high profile rooms being introduced since then (including FullTilt and PokerStars).

There has been some controversy with online poker rooms, with Poker Spot being launched in 1999. They went bust not long after because they couldn’t withdraw player deposits from its credit card partners. This resulted that players failed to collect their winnings… and the rest is history as they say.

In 1999 there were around 700 online casinos, and a survey in 2001 resulted in a phenomenal 8 million people that had gambled online at some point in time. Then only a year later in 2002, the first online casino millionaire emerged from the masses. The lucky winner won just over $ 1,500,000 on May 2002.

Looking back at Poker Spot, it is good news for online poker players that new transaction methods have been introduced to add credibility to the industry. Neteller is a major player with their revolutionary e-cash system, where you transfer funds to Neteller, and then are free to transfer funds to and from the online casinos at will… making it nice and easy for you, whilst stamping out fraud in the industry.

2001 was an important year for online casino gambling given the entry of the two industry giants, Party Poker and Poker Stars. Party Poker overtook Paradise in 2003 as the industry’s top player with its strategic advertising on television.

Satellite contests are also huge, with any major poker room holding competitions for online gamblers to compete for a spot at the world’s largest poker tournaments. Chris Moneymaker ended up winning an event and pocketing well over a million dollars, and it all started on an online poker table… such publicity increased the popularity of Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars dramatically!

Since Chris won $ 2.5 million dollars at the Word Series of Poker, online poker has skyrocketed in popularity. Chris defeated 839 other poker players on an online poker room, to win his way into the World Series of poker, which won him a position at the final table, where he won and became an instant millionaire.

Poker and these sorts of Cinderella stories are only increasing the popularity of the game, with a new player wanting the same fame and glory found through poker.

Online training sites offer easy to learn advise on how to play the game. Revenues of online casino gambling firms rocketed during the year, which also saw the entry of new players such as Full Tilt Poker and Noble Poker. Sportingbet’s acquisition of Paradise Poker also opened new doors given the new owner’s status as a listed company. Listing on the stock market has become an option for online casinos to raise funds for expansion.

The UK government also passed a bill that legalizes and regulates internet gambling, this indicates that online poker is here to stay… and is already a global phenomenon.

Peter Werth is a professional poker player that operates his own poker blog. To learn more about poker industry and free poker downloads, be sure to visit his homepage for the latest advice about Online Poker Games.

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